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"Roy could always see the funny side of almost every mistake I made! Highly recommended"

John, 28 August 2009


We offer a complete, one-stop shop, for all your motorcycle training needs, with something for everyone depending on your ability.


Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

All new riders must complete a CBT course in order to legally ride on the public highway. The rider must be at least 16 years old and hold a provisional driving licence with the appropriate category listed on it - i.e. category 'AM' or 'P' moped, or category 'A' motorcycle. Most full car licences include category 'a' provisional entitlement.

Even if you are not sure motorcyling is the right thing for you, the CBT course offers an excellent introduction to motorcycles, and can be used as a 'taster' to see if you enjoy it!

Click here for more information on CBT courses.

Full Motorcycle Test (A1, A2 and DAS training)

Moving on from the Compulsory Basic Training, the full motorcycle test allows you to ditch those L plates. Before you can do this, you must pass a motorcycle theory test.

There are now three different categories of full licence, although the training and tests are exactly the same. Your age, ability, and what you are looking to use your motorcycle for, will dictate whether you take the A1, A2 or DAS training courses/tests.

Click here to read about 'Full Licence' training.

Rusty Riders (Refresher Courses and Further Training)

We offer refresher courses for bikers who have not ridden for some time, and additional training for those who just simply want to improve their riding skills.

Where a test is taken on an automatic machine, the licence will be restricted to motorcycles with an automatic transmission.

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